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Solve mazes under pressure by warping your ship across walls in this new action puzzle game for the NES. A warp point to the side of your ship allows instantaneous travel by swapping positions, a limited form of movement that nonetheless opens many possibilities.

Warp to portal
Move faster
SelectScroll faster
This game was made in 5 days for the 2023 NESdev Competition by Fiskbit, with sound by Trirosmos. If you like it, let us know! It may be expanded into a larger game in the future.


Proximity Shift (NESdev Compo 2023).nes 40 kB

Install instructions

Download and run on an NES flash cart or accurate emulator, such as Mesen. Intended for NTSC consoles (but should run with correct sound and slower gameplay on PAL and Dendy).

PowerPak users will need an updated N.MAP file to allow the game to load properly. Otherwise, PowerPak will reject most NES 2.0 headers, which are becoming increasingly common.

Proximity Shift may not be playable in less-accurate emulators, such as JSNES or emFCEUX.


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Really liked playing through this one. Loved the simplicity of it all, absolutely cool no frills action puzzle game.