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Navigate a winding corridor filled with obstacles in this new precision-movement game for the NES, rotating your ship and accelerating forward in the frictionless environment of space. Three difficulties determine the number of lives gained from each checkpoint, and gravity can be toggled on for additional challenge. A secret ending and hidden mode can be uncovered by the most skilled of players.


Rotate counter-clockwise
Rotate clockwise
AThrust forward

This game was made in a month for the 2022 NESdev Competition. If you like it, let me know! It may be expanded into a larger game in the future.


Irritating Ship (NESdev Compo 2022).nes 40 kB

Install instructions

Download and run on an NES flash cart or accurate emulator, such as Mesen. Supports NTSC, PAL, and Dendy (clone) consoles. Best played with non-square pixels (in Mesen: Options -> Video -> Aspect Ratio -> Auto) for uniform acceleration in all directions.

FCEUX users should select the New PPU (Config -> PPU -> New PPU) because the Old PPU setting has problems with collision detection.

PowerPak users will need an updated N.MAP file that stops the PowerPak from rejecting NES ROMs that have modern headers, which are becoming increasingly common.

Irritating Ship may not be playable in less accurate emulators, such as JSNES or emFCEUX.


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I'll post my "simple controls" hack (for the compo version) here as well. Just press the d-pad to accelerate in that direction. IPS file in base64: UEFUQ0gACbQAG6IH3bCJ8A3KEPgwEQgJAQUEBgIKioVaCmVaCgAJ9QABD0VPRg==

I like it.

Possibly a minor bug: after beating the game, the title screen has the same palette as the final section of the game instead of gray.

Glad you enjoyed it and congrats on beating it! The color persisting is actually intentional; I figure it's a fun touch after beating the game. It'll carry over whatever palette you had at the end, which can vary if you skip checkpoints. I appreciate the report, nonetheless.

Great game! I love cave-flyers! :) - please consider adding settings for rotation speed, thrust power and gravity. I'm used to Gravity Force and Turbo Raketti :)